Los Angeles Times calls The Black Isle

“An ambitious, supernatural coming-of-age story…With its paranormal-meets-goth sensibility and angsty, flawed-but-fierce heroine, The Black Isle is a natural fit for the Twilight crowd...But the book is decidedly darker than the vampire series and not without social commentary.”

Vogue says

“Destined to be among summer’s sleeper hits is Sandi Tan’s gulpable first novel The Black Isle.”

“An engaging and engrossing novel that will absolutely captivate you and should not be missed.”
“An elegant, disturbing and satisfying read, both epic and intimate.”
A Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week

From Grand Central Publishing

The Black Isle

A sweeping story of ghosts in the modern world, and one woman's struggle to create her own destiny.

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“On The Black Isle, a young woman grows old with the Twentieth Century, haunting her own life as history conspires to render her a secret. Sweeping in scope, impressively imagined, ruthlessly readable.”

– Steve Erickson, author of ZEROVILLE and THESE DREAMS OF YOU

"Anyone who has lived as long as I have, and who has done the things I have, knows there will come a reckoning..."

Uprooted from her Shanghai childhood, young Cassandra is sent with her father and twin brother to live on the Black Isle. A teeming British colony near the equator, the Isle is a seaport haunted by a restive multitude of ghosts . . . ghosts that only Cassandra can see.

Over the next years, lonely, haunted Cassandra grows up into a fearless young woman, but the Isle’s dark forces won’t let her go.

As she becomes involved with three dangerously charismatic men, Cassandra will find her own strength – and identity – increasingly tested, even as she plays a key role in the Isle’s rise from colonial backwater to bustling cosmopolitan city.

Taking readers from the 1920’s to the present day, from the Japanese occupation during World War II to the booming post-war period and the radical transformations of the 20th century, THE BLACK ISLE is a visionary and moving epic.